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What are your favourite festivals?
– My favourite festivals are Øya and Slottsfjell in Norway and Coachella in Palm Springs, USA.

Tell us about your best festival memory?
– I’ve been going to festivals every summer for the past 16 years and each one has its own unique personality. One of my first festival experiences was Kalvøya in 1997 when I got to see The Prodigy, Skunk Anansie and Nick Cave. Afterwards there was a secret party at Rockefeller where I danced with Nick Cave and sipped cocktails on the terrace with The Prodigy. That being said, my most amazing festival memories are from the heyday of the Quart festival; Beastie Boys, No Doubt, partying on yachts and sizzling nights at Kick. Back then my uniform consisted of a white mesh vest and a pair of ripped, bleached jeans. I even met the man I’m living with today at the Quart festival.

What are your festival essentials?
– My camera, a pair of tiny denim shorts, leather shorts, vest tops, leather shirts and trousers, white and grey t-shirts, jeans, various pairs of sunglasses, boots, swim wear, baseball caps, sequined trousers, leather jacket and my Mac laptop.

Describe your ideal festival outfit?
– My festival look has become more and more toned down over the years. In the past I didn’t shy away from tassels and feathers, but these days I’m less of a hippie. My motto now is ‘white’s always right’! A typical outfit would be my white shorts by Isabel Marant, Céline shades, a leather jacket by BLK DNM, a grey t-shirt, a hoodie from American Apparel, boots and my Proenza Schouler shoulder bag.

Give us your best festival tips?
– There has been more and more focus on festival style in recent years, but I think it’s important to dress first and foremost to have a good time and to be comfortable, rather than to look cool. Don’t dress up too much or adopt a style that isn’t you. You’re better off going for a simple, natural look. Just don’t wear a t-shirt with the name of a band if you don’t know any of their songs…