Manager of night club
Hell’s Kitchen, Stockholm.
Instagram: @maxinnebjork

What are your favourite festivals?
– Out of the ones I’ve been to so far my favourites are both in the US; Coachella in Palm Springs and Ultra Music Festival in Miami. These are among the world’s best known festivals and it’s easy to see why. They are out of this world! In terms of atmosphere they are rather different though. Coachella is more relaxed, bohemian and natural while Ultra has a more urban and industrial feel. Tomorrowland in Belgium is another really cool festival. I love the fantasy inspired stage decor and the way everyone comes in fancy outfits.

Tell us about your best festival memory?
– It has to be Summafieldayze in Australia. My best friend and I went there on our round-the-world trip. It was our first major festival experience and the atmosphere was amazing. Awesome location, top class acts and wonderful people; it had it all! Any first time is always special, but I think it’d be hard for me to top that experience.

What do you pack in your festival bag?
– Boots, denim shorts, a hat and hippie-chic jewellery are a must. I like to wear Indian bindis and cool fake lashes because I like to stand out a bit. To me that’s half the fun of going to a festival. Other essentials are sunglasses, a backpack and a warmer sweater for the evening. And don’t forget the wellies and a rain poncho if you’re in Scandinavia.

Describe your ideal festival outfit?
– It’s hard to say as there are so many great looks and the whole idea is to express yourself freely. A classic festival look could be a pair of awesome boots, a cute summer dress, a hat, a cool backpack and some quirky jewellery.

Give us your best festival tips?
– Always drink plenty of water. It’s easy to get sunstroke when you’re partying in the sun all day. Other than that I’d recommend looking into festivals all over the world. There’s so much to experience! My next festival is going to be Burning Man, an annual festival in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. The event is based on community participation and everyone helps to build, maintain and finally clean up the area to make sure it’s actually cleaner and nicer than when they arrived. You cannot buy anything at the festival, no food, no drink. Instead everything is based on a barter system whereby visitors trade goods with each other, all in keeping with the old hippie philosophy. Google Burning Man for heaps of festival inspiration!